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Monday, May 08, 2006

Discover the Exciting World of Perceptions

"Our brain have what is known as a RAS system. This system filters out anything that it doesn't consider important or dangerous. But what if you thought it was important, then what"

"What you haven't been seeing, can hurt your decisions, relations and profit line."
Understand that each moment we make decisions based on what we think we are seeing and what we believe. We call this perception.

What if you were to discover that you are making some big decisions based on your personal perceptions, which could be based in partial & misleading information and outdated belief systems?

For example, have you ever watched an organization set goals only to discover after that each member had a different perception of what the goal looked like? Not only were the goals not achieved, a lot of time and money were wasted.

You see our belief systems affect our decisions, future perceptions and ultimately how our lives turn out. And if we don't like what we see, we tend to look for outside causes for our problems.

Understanding perceptions can help you to remove the barriers in your life, by seeing beyond them.

When you understand how to get more information past your brains filtering system,you can excel to new heights in communication mastery while commanding attention, confidence and increased credibility.

*Know what it is you are not seeing.

*Are you seeing your thoughts in 3D?

*Appreciate diverse thinking- use it for corporate prosperity

*Create mutual understanding and cooperation

*Put your new positive beliefs into positive actions

*Make more informed decisions that create a prosperous & productive life

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Maria Boomhower, The Master Communicator. won awards for excellence in her field. Her background includes training, video production, & photo journalism. Maria also spent several years studying metaphysics and quantum theories, to bring in the human aspects of helping people.
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