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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How To Grow Your Business, Build Business Relationships Plus Renew or Strengthen Your Romantic Relationships At The Same Time"

I know it's a mouthful but you'll see what
we mean by it after listening to this
life-changing and relationship-renewing
60-minute Teleseminar on Wednesday the 15th!

Joel Christopher & Jim Loesch are planning on doing a unique,
one-of-a-kind teleseminar to celebrate Valentine's Day.

You see, when we held the very first Marketing Cruise
in October last year, there was a business reason for
doing it, so we many business people and entrepreneurs
join us.

We thought that all of them signed up because they
want to know how to market better and how to better
build and grow their businesses - purely business

Surprisingly, we found out that 2 couples from our
group were also there to celebrate their wedding
anniversaries, 1 couple wanted to renew their vows

surprise of all surprises, 1 couple who went on the same
cruise ship where there to have their honeymoon went to the
'wrong' room in the ship where we were holding the seminar,
listened for a few minutes and ended up signing up for
the whole event!

I mean they insisted on signing up to hear our
spekers and join the networking, panel discussions
and hot seats...while on their honeymoon!


Well, why am I telling you all this, you're wondering.

And here's the best SURPRISE(s) of all...
at the end of the Marketing Cruise, 2 strong,
well-built gentlemen (one of them a champion
wrestler), stood in front of the group,
almost teary-eyed, expressing their joy
and gratitude for being part of the cruise
which SAVED their marriages!


Joel was beside himself, tried holding back the
tears (of joy) when he saw and heard these 2 guys
opened themselves up in front of a stunned
(and joyfully surprised) crowd...

You'll hear the rest of the stories when on
WEDNESDAY, February 15 at 6 pm Pacific / 7 pm Mountain
/ 8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern

Go ahead and reserve your spot now at:

PLUS, you don't want to miss the 2 special
announcements we'll make during the call

Go for it!

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
"Command Attention & Confidence"
Communication Mastery
Communication Mastery Ezine

PS Remember, there is a few FR.EE BONUS GIFTS to give away to a few lucky listeners at the end of the call at:


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