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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

12 Days of Christmas

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Dear Friend,

I've done something special for you this Christmas. I've
joined together with a marketing friend of mine, Mark
Hendricks, and decided to really get into the holiday gift
giving season.

Mark has put together his own version of
"The 12 Days of Christmas", and has
pulled in favors from his friends who are among the
sharpest minds on the planet.

You'll be receiving gifts and goodies from Mark and I,
plus you also get great stuff from all the others who have
contributed to this incredible holiday goldmine of true

I wanted to do something special to thank you for your loyalty
and input throughout the year. So I decided to give you access
to gifts, not just from me, but from several others.

Check this out right now:

12 Days of Christmas

Hurry and get there before the rush,

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All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Need a Merchant Account You Can Afford?

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Do you need a merchant account for your business, but the costs and formats are stopping you? There is a solution.

I have had people say to me that they have a product or ebook that they want to sell. However, they need a merchant account to take payments and many of the accounts are expensive and complicated. So they take just a cheque or cash knowing that they losing sales.
I have found a wonderful solution for you.

Sell your products and services through PayDotCom.
I am sure you have heard of (R) They are also a
great marketplace but limited to many restrictions to sell products
or earn affiliate commission...

Well, there is a new F.REE marketplace to sell any product you want. Yours or become an affiliate for any item in the marketplace.

It is called!

Did I mention it is 100% F.REE to Join!

They take care of your merchant and affiliate needs.
AND they pay instantly to your Pay Pal or Storm Pay account.
Other accounts make you wait 30 Days to Get Paid
However, this can be very problematic for small businesses.
You have on going expenses that you have to deal with.

PayDotCom is also a new online marketplace and will catalog thousands of products and services, both digital and physical products.

    Advantages of PayDotCom are:

  • Collect Subscriptions for your service or membership sites

  • Doesn't Holds Back Your Money In Reserve

  • Get started with A F.ree Account To Sell A Product

  • Can Add New Product Lines
    * small one time fee to add more.

  • Your Products don't Become Property Of The Merchant

  • Create Instant Order Buttons for Your Website

  • Secure Download Pages

  • Buyers Can Use PayPal, StormPay, credit cards and checking

  • Flexible Percentages for JV Partners

  • Offers Tools for Affiliates (Upload Banners etc.)

  • Offers An Affiliate Signup Page for Your Website

  • Allows You to Approve or Ban Affiliates

  • Track Link Clicks, Sales, and Conversion Stats

  • Email Your Affiliates

  • Instant Marketplace Exposure for Your Products After 1 Sale

  • Pay Your Affiliates Using Easy Mass Pay Reports provided by

*PayDotCom Vendor/Affiliate Accounts are free. You are allowed one free Vendor account to sell your product. If you want to add multiple product lines, you pay just a onetime $29 lifetime activation fee and get unlimited product lines to add for life! That is the best program you will find anywhere to sell your products, get exposure from a marketplace, and get an army of affiliates selling them for you. ** If there is no affiliate, then the Vendor pays the fee in full.

Get started today and put your merchant worries behind you.

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"Why doesn't anyone understand me, if only they would just listen."
Then we can help you.
It helps you know why, when after you have said something, the other person totally misunderstands you.
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Overcoming Barriers to Communication, today, and relieve that stress!

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All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
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Thursday, November 10, 2005

George Mckenzie's Publicity For

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Imagine Getting a Never Ending Stream of New Customers, Clients, or Prospects Using the Vast Resources of the Mass Media -- Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, and the Internet -- without spending a dime on advertising and ethically influence the media so that you will double or triple your chance of getting the publicity that you desire.

George McKenzie has worked as a TV anchor and radio talk show host for more than three decades. He also teaches presentation skills to executives, professionals, and business owners. In addition, he has narrated a number of corporate training videos for a variety of clients, including several for the U.S.Army. George opened the "Publicity Goldmine" to provide expertise to groups and individuals who need publicity but can't afford an advertising agency.

He shows you how you can quickly attract positive newspaper, radio and TV coverage that establishes you as an expert in your field and gets the media to start calling YOU instead of you calling THEM..showcase yourself as the featured guest on popular radio and TV shows -- and it wouldn't cost you anything more than a few minutes of your time?

He also has a 7-day "Publicity Crash Course" to help you "jump start" a publicity or public relations campaign and you'll receive seven in-depth lessons (one per day via email) packed with tips, tools and tricks you can use immediately to generate free publicity, easily and repeatedly,
from radio, TV and newspapers.

Publicity and Public Relations (PR) are becoming more and more vital to the success of anyone doing business today.

and get started today.


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It's a manual that takes you step-by-step in building your news release. It shows you what needs to be in it and why, as well as what to never do.

If you are you asking, "why doesn't the media ever contact me after I send out a new release?" And would you like to know what gets read and what gets shredded? Then this is the manual for you.
Together, with the Publicity Knowledge & implementation, watch your coverage soar.
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Maria Boomhower
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