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Monday, October 03, 2005

Teachers of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience for success.

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Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony teaches this fundamental point in his course on how to attract wealth.
He has a huge following of people who lives have turned around by his teachings.
I love his books and his courses.
By using a series of principles he calls the
"Quantum Law of Attraction",
he's devised a method of teaching anyone how to magnetize just about anything you could ever want, right away.
He's a best selling authour and has been featured ABC, CBS, and NBC television in the USA.

John Assaraf

John is the New York Times best selling author of 'The Street Kids Guide
to Having It All. He has dedicated himself to the scientific study of peak performance.

John's life transformed from a turbulent renegade teen, and now
generates over $4 billion a year in sales. His change came after he started studying quantum physics and became a student of the brain.

Today he teaches people how to succeed.
If you want to learn to think like a millionaire and are committed to doing what it takes...
Go to:Cloning of success

Dr. Dov Baron

He is also recognized as the world's leading authority in the area of "Quantum Resonant Fields" (QRF). QRF is the science of how our beliefs, emotions and thinking effect and sculpt every aspect of our lives.

Have you seen the movie "What the Bleep Does it Mean?
Do you have question about how it partains to you, how it relates to how we communicate with one another?

Well, Dov Barron wrote a book called. What the Bleep Does it Mean?
And you can get it for at:

He is a featured expert on such television shows as the Sally Jessie Raphael Show and christened by the media as the Robin Williams of personal development.

Dr. Joe Vitale

Joe is the creator of Spiritual marketing. This is a must read
for anyone who is looking for a win-win approach to marketing and helping

Besides being one of the five top marketing specialists in the world today, and the world’s first hypnotic writer, Joe is also an ordained minister, a certified metaphysical practitioner, a certified hypo– therapist, and a certified Chi Kung healer. He also holds a doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science.

Joe is also the author of more books than I can list here.
His lastest book has gone to the top of the charts twice since its release.
Spiritual Marketing

Doug Bench

Doug teaches courses on the Science of Permanent Self-Motivation, to:
Change Your Thoughts=Change your Brain=Change Your Life AUTOMATICALLY!
Leading research neuroscientists in the world, Dr Richard Restak,
says in his book, "The New Brain,"
"Brain Science is now capable of providing us with insight
into the human brain that only a few years ago would
have been considered the stuff of science fiction.

To Learn more about Doug Bench's Science for Success Program, go to:

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
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