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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Imagine, Your Business On Autopilot
While You Travel

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"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood . . . Make big plans, aim high in hope and work."– Daniel Burnham, Architect

Automate, automate, automate.
You can make more money, but you can't create more hours in a day.

You can free up time to accomplish more. And imagine lying on a beach on a tropical island with a gentle warm breeze. You smell the succulent aroma of food you have brought to you as you gaze out on to the shimmering blue ocean. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. All the while, you relax and know that you are making money as you soak in the atmosphere.

That is what automating can do for you.

Automating your business not only allows you to free up time, it also assists you in finding out, which of your efforts are producing the most as well as being able to have a merchant account deal with the payments and any digital product delivery. For that matter you can also automate physical product delivery.

Realize, that if you had to process every order by hand, or send out hundreds or thousands of emails, you wouldn't have time for anything else.

Fortunately there are different products and services to assist you in automation.

One of them that I use is Master List Tools. They are a shopping cart that has several tools and features to help you set-up and then automate your business.
Increase your sales by 100% GUARANTEED! CLICK HERE

    They have tools for:
  • Shopping cart set-up

  • Collecting of payments

  • Ad tracking

  • Affiliate programs

  • Broadcasting

  • Newsletters

  • Opt-in forms

  • All of which can be personalized.

    With this features you can
  • Boost sales

  • Build relationship.

  • capture more clients.

You need to build relationships with your clients. It is important that they get to know you and to see what you are like and the kinds of products and services you have. Having a system that helps you track your clients and help them on a more personal level creates more sales.
You are then helping them as well as yourself.
So sign up today and start planning that trip. Even if the trip is down the road, it is a great motivator to see why you want to automate.

Check it out here!
Affordable and Powerful. Click Here to try the World's Smartest Shopping Cart system.

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Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Book Recommendations

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"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood . . . Make big plans, aim high in hope and work." – Daniel Burnham, Architect

I have had people ask me Maria, what is a good book to read. My first response is several. Then I say ok lets look at one or two, each month.

I am always glad to hear when people want ideas on what to read, because sadly, most people once they graduate, never pick up a non-fiction book again. However, the successful people in the world never stop reading and become life long learners.

Remember that knowledge is something that can't be taken away from you. Sometimes jobs or other circumstance can, but not what you have acquired through learning.

The main areas that I will be recommending are in Communication, Self-Growth & Quantum Physics / Neuroscience

This month I recommend:

For Communication:

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life: Create Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your World in Harmony with Your Values- by Marshall Rosenberg

This is a book that I immersed myself in and took several training course with and some with Marshall Rosenberg, of which I completely enjoyed.

Imagine interacting with others in a way that allows everyone's needs to be equally valued. Imagine creating organizations and life-serving systems responsive to our needs and the needs of our environment

It teaches us how to move away from demanding good and bad, right and wrong into a more heart centre of respect and requests.

In 1961 Dr. Rosenberg received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Wisconsin and in 1966 was awarded diplomat status in clinical psychology from the American Board of Examiners in Professional Psychology.

Nonviolent Communication training evolved from Dr. Rosenberg’s quest to find a way of rapidly disseminating much needed peacemaking skills.

Dr. Rosenberg provides Nonviolent Communication in numerous countries. He works with such groups as educators, managers, health care providers, lawyers, military officers, prisoners, police and prison officials, clergy, government officials, and individuals. He is also active in war-torn areas and economically disadvantaged countries, offering Nonviolent Communication training to promote reconciliation and peaceful resolution of differences. Israel, Palestine, Ireland, Russia, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Serbia, and Croatia are examples of countries where Nonviolent Communication is being utilized by teams of peace activists.

For Self Growth
Many classics have been out there, some for hundreds of years. Repeatedly, I have read how the successful people in this world, read and implemented these works.

One of these is The Science of Getting Rich -- by Wallace D. Wattles
Both Brian Tracy and Rebecca Fine, teach the works of this amazing person.
This book is from 1910 and asks, what if everything you've ever believed about wealth and making money is dead wrong? It probably IS -- just look at your results!

Rebecca so believes in his work that she offers a free e-version of the book . As well she has a course, which I was most fortunate to take.

Each section has audio training and instructions and then a worksheet to go through.
The amazing part about her course is that Rebecca wants this information to reach as many people as possible, so she has created a set your own tuition for anyone who is struggling financially.
Check out Rebecca's site

or grab a copy at Amazon.

"Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses."

– George Washington Carver, Botanist

Check out the Communication Ezine article called
"Mis-Communication" at.Master Communicator Blog
and be sure to look at the photo that shows the results of what happened.

There are many ways to help you improve your communication skills and working relations. Many are simple and help you with production, time and team works.
Sadly there are people do not bother to change.
Discover why and check out the pictures at: Sadfact

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All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Moving Beyond Barriers

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"People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents." – Andrew Carnegie

I have spoken to several people who have said to me, "Maria, I have tried hard to build my business, yet I am still struggling. I see people doing the same things or using the same tools and they are soaring ahead, what do I do?"

Sometime the tool you need is one to help you with you. We can be so caught up with looking outside of ourselves for ways to improve, we don't realize that our old, outdated and hidden beliefs and bias are blocking or sabotaging our ability to get ahead in life.

Through different interviews and conversations that I have had with successful people, most of them have told me that the success started happening in their lives once they got rid of the barriers that were holding them back.

For some of them, it was quick and with the help of one or two people they were able to move ahead quite easy. Other people have told me that it took different ways and resources as they had a lot of deep and complex issues. However, they never gave up and they are so thankful and grateful when they look at their lives today.

One resource that I love, is Doug Bench
Doug teaches courses on the Science of Permanent Self-Motivation, to:
Change Your Thoughts=Change your Brain=Change Your Life AUTOMATICALLY!
Leading research neuroscientists in the world, Dr Richard Restak,
says in his book, "The New Brain," that "Brain Science is now capable of providing us with insight into the human brain that only a few years ago would have been considered the stuff of science fiction.

Doug is great as teaching in a clear understanding way,
And right now he has a video series.
Register now and start watching to change your life today. I have already gone through much of his work, it has been great.
To Learn more about Doug's Program, go to:

Sadly there are people who do not bother to change.
Discover why and check out the pictures at:

"I decided to be the best and the smartest."
–Oprah Winfrey, entrepreneur, talk-show host

P.S. If you like what you're reading in this ezine,
you'll love the book,
"Overcoming Barriers to Communication"
Answer the questions; Why doesn’t anyone understand me?
Why do I have such a hard time getting my message across?.
Overcoming Barriers to Communication

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All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
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Friday, September 09, 2005

Expanding Your Communication Reach

You have an important message!
And you want it to reach as many targeted people as possible.

How to do it effectively and cost efficiently is something we
are all trying to expand on.

There is a new development on the net that I am experimenting with.
I discovered this tool from people I respect and they have reported
it has assisted them with increased targeted traffic.

To go straight to this new site, please click below.
For a product review read on.

List Inferno
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Product Review of ListInferno

Concept: Adds Thousands Of 100% Opt-In Leads To Your List
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
Ease of Use: 5 out of 5
Effectiveness: 5 out of 5
Recommendation: Use Immediately - Major List Building Tool
Price: FREE

Anyone successful on the Internet tells you the gold is in
your list. But what if you can't get that list? What if
you're struggling to get just 100 subscribers a week?

Here's a solution, that enables anyone to add thousands of 100%
opt-in subscribers to their list, with very little effort.

Technical eMarketer Steve Shaw, the one behind this tool,
says that ListInferno has been designed to "give everyone
and anyone the ability to create their own big valuable
opt-in list ... this system has been designed to add
thousands of opt-in leads to your list for the bare minimum
of effort - and it's all 100%".

So, does it live up to the hype?

When I first took a look at this tool, I thought, "Well,
there are some systems similar to this one on the net...
What makes this one so special?"

Then, when I signed up and followed the process in the
Setup Wizard, the answer was easy to see. There are some
subtle differences in this tool that make it really stand
out. These differences may well make this the most viral
list building tool yet seen online.

It's important to realize, that rather than bringing you
huge amounts of traffic, this tool brings you need to make
money online- quality targeted 100% opt-in leads.

This tool may well be the easiest and fastest way to build
your list yet developed. In fact, by jumping on board with
this as soon as possible, you could gain a strong advantage
over others who wait and see.

And if they are already signed up, that's even more reason
not to waste any more time. After all, the one with the
biggest targeted list usually makes the most money.

Definitely ride the wave on this:

List Inferno

Listen, anything that can give you quality subscribers
for virtually zero effort is worth a try.

We just hope it stays You should get it
now while it still is.

List Inferno

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
Communication Mastery Training

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fire At Sea

Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale, one of the most powerful marketing minds, joins millionaire marketing cruise

Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale, known as one of the world's most powerful copywriters and marketing minds today, is joining Joel Christopher on a millionaire marketing cruise to teach people how to attract their desires.

They call this man, "Mister Fire" for a reason… his explosive "results only!" marketing approach has helped over 200 authors and publishers write, publish and promote their books successfully. He's also helped large companies, from The American Red Cross to Hermann Children’s Hospital in Houston.

Besides being one of the five top marketing specialists in the world today, and the world’s first hypnotic writer, Joe is also an ordained minister, a certified metaphysical practitioner, a certified hypo– therapist, and a certified Chi Kung healer. He also holds a doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science.

Joe is a fiery and inspiring speaker. He has spoken before hundreds of business groups, including the Sales and Marketing Executives, and the first Houston Publishers and Authors Association conference.

He’ll also share with you how he successfully made close to half a million dollars in sales for one product in just 3 days…you just gotta be there to hear him share his story…

Recently, he shook the earth by taking his latest obra maestra titled "The Attractor Factor" to the top of the best-seller’s list beating the boy wizard Harry Potter’s latest edition. You’ll learn how.
This is a "floating" seminar on a cruise ship, Oct. 29 –Nov. 3, 2005, where millionaire marketers are revealing their personal blueprint for success.

Joel is hosting this on the, suitably named, Carnival Cruise Line, Imagination.

Joining Christopher on the five-day cruise from Miami to the Grand Cayman Islands are millionaire-marketing authorities Dr. Joe Vitale, Rosalind Gardner, Brad Fallon, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, and Mike Filsaime and others.

For more information and to book a cabin on Christopher’s marketing cruise, visit
Marketing Cruise

To Find out more about Dr. Joe "Mr Fire" Vitale go to:
Spiritual Marketing

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Master Millionaire Marketers Held Captive at Sea

Joel Christopher is launching a "floating" seminar aboard a Carnival Cruise ship from Oct. 29 – Nov. 3, 2005, in which he and six millionaire marketers will reveal their personal blueprint for success.

"It's not like they can jump overboard", said Christopher. "This is your opportunity to ask them questions and get to know them better." "Often when people attend seminars or workshops, you get a short time to fit in a question and then they are gone. On a marketing cruise you have 5 days to grill them, either at the workshops or even at meal times." "It is an opportunity of a life time." He said.

Joel is hosting this on the, suitably named, Carnival Cruise Line, "Imagination".

"This exclusive cruise," adds Christopher, known as THE Master List Builder for demonstrating the power of a huge opt-in e-mail list, "will enable our participants to have breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole week with some of the world’s top millionaire marketing gurus. They’ll be able to pick their brains and return home with invaluable marketing tips and secrets that can significantly boost leads, sales, and profits in their own businesses.

"Imagine receiving literally thousands of dollars of free consultations from millionaire marketers, while also vacationing aboard the cruise ship Imagination," he notes.

Joining Christopher on the five-day cruise from Miami to the Grand Cayman Islands are millionaire-marketing authorities, Dr. Joe Vitale, Rosalind Gardner, Brad Fallon, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, and Mike Filsaime.

For more information and to book a cabin on Christopher's marketing cruise, visit
Marketing Cruise

or email or

All the Best
Maria Boomnower
The Master Communicator
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