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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Change Your Life In Just 45 Minutes?

Here's a heads up on a new course based in quatum physics that can help you break through your business barriers.

This quick note is for anyone involved in a business who would like to break through the $1 million barrier, and then break through any other barrier they have after that one. I am thrilled to tell you about this opportunity. John Assaraf and his partners have just launched a new company that is dedicated to helping small business owners achieve goals in their businesses and lives that are only dreams today.

Is it for real? John Assaraf and his colleagues have owned or consulted with the businesses listed below. Look at the increase in sales of each company and the speed with which they were able to accomplish it:

REMAX of Indiana
$100 Million in 2 Years
$25 Million in 1 Year

Indian Motorcycle
$75 Million in 1 year

$3 Million in 10 Months

$2 Million in 1 Year

Engineered Fasteners
$800K in 4 Months

American Brands
$1 Million in 3 Months

LifeSuccess Institute
$4 Million in 11 Months

$3 Million in 2 Years

Dave & Buster's
$8 Million in 8 Months

$1.2 Million in 9 Months

Merchant Banking Services
$3.5 Million in 14 Months

Mega Brands
$500,000 in 2 Months

Employment Today
$750,000 in 6 Months

Encore Imports
$1.2 Million from one order

Digital Media
$300,000 in two weeks

Advantedge Communications
$1.5 Million in 8 Months


If you could change your life right now -- both business and personal, would you invest 45 minutes of your time?

You better... Do it for yourself, and for your family!

You see, in today's complex business world it is more difficult to succeed than ever before. You need an edge that others don't have.

Some people own a business because of the thrill of business. For other people the business means the dream of one day owning a better home, vacation property, early retirement, private school for kids, exotic holidays, or just taking time off. But for most, to really enjoy life is just a dream.

It doesn't have to be that way, and now it is possible to have all of your dreams. At least that's what John says, and given his track record, I think he is probably right! And that's why I am sending this message to you now.

He walks his talk and now helps thousands of business owners and self-employed individuals build their businesses while living a balanced life.

By listening to John, you are listening to a master who delivers results AND he can help you deliver results in your business life, too.

If you want success and are prepared to invest 45 minutes of your time, we have arranged for you to listen to what John has to say in a very fast paced free interview about how to achieve the dreams of your life. Just go to

OneCoach Interview

I respect your time and as such I've arranged with John for you to receive a $100 gift just for clicking on the link below and listening to what John has to say.

OneCoach Interview

If your business is significantly larger, you are still welcome to listen in. I just want you to know that John is directing his focus to help those wanting to bust through the first million dollar barrier, but his program can help any business owner, large or small achieve greatness. The OneCoach motto is: More Money, More Life. If you want to improve your standard of living and enjoy a more fulfilling personal life, you won't want to miss what John has to say in this message. It will be more than worth the time you invest ... an investment that will reward you for the rest of your life.

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
Communication Mastery

P.S. Here is one of the many testimonials from one of John's clients that has used this program. With the OneCoach incredible 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee, maybe you should try it, too. Just click on the link below for the details on the call, and the generous $100 free gift:

OneCoach Interview

I can't thank you and your program enough. I have working with the program for about 30 days now. I have noticed such a transformation in my personality and my relationships, most the relationship with my wife. My marriage has never been better in 14 years! Our business has been stagnant for over a year. Our receivables were getting way out there. To make it worse our main client was pulling business from us and looking elsewhere. Literally since the first week everything has turned around. We have new clients coming out of the woodwork. I have collected on 85% of my outstanding receivables totaling around $90K. Best of all our best client recommitted company wide to us and business is booming! We have seen our orders nearly double in three weeks! This is just the beginning and I awake everyday recommitting to the process. I am so excited and very very thankful to you and your staff.

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